Our commitment to you

Our solutions to help

At Bloot24, fairness and balance is in our DNA. We believe that having fun on Bloot24 should be a pleasant and entertaining experience for all our customers. We want to make sure it never changes, that is precisely why our responsibility is to ensure that our customers enjoy the fun without excess.

  • Our approach

    At Bloot24, we want to be an industry leader in providing a safe entertainment experience, maximizing guests' enjoyment of our services. We actively encourage and promote responsible spending by offering tools to assist our customers in maintaining control. Prevention measures have been implemented and best practices have been adopted to deliver what we call "Responsible X-Pleasure" with the aim to lower and limit the total number of addiction cases. These tools exist to protect you, which is why we have worked hard to make them as easy to use as possible. We also continuously improve them in response to your needs and feedback. And that doesn’t end here, we support this initiative by investing in new technologies and by focusing on a listening culture to better protect all our customers. You can definitively count on us!

  • What is responsible x-pleasure?

    "Responsible X-Pleasure" is a broad concept that aims to ensure your spending is conducted in a manner whereby the potential for harm is minimized. If your expenses are creating financial stress, anxiety, depression, or overall affecting your life in a negative way, they are not anymore "responsible".

  • Tips for spending wisely

    Consider it a healthy habit if your visits to Bloot24 are occasional. Only use the money you can afford to spend. Know your spending limits or clarify them before your first expense. If an addiction sets in, do not hesitate to inform us or anyone who can potentially help.

  • Seeking help

    We want to be part of the solution. Therefore, in addition to the recommendation for you to contact a specialized organization willing to support people with addictions, we propose the following tools.

  • Spending limit

    Ask us to limit the amount you can spend with your account. You always have to spend reasonably and within budget. To help you stay in control, you can ask us to set for you a daily, weekly or monthly limit on your account. If you decide to make the limit more restrictive by decreasing the amount you spend or the frequency of your purchases, the effect will be immediate. If, on the contrary, you want to increase the amount or the frequency compared to the imposed limitation, a cooling-off period of 7 days has to be respected before becoming effective.

  • Self-exclusion

    If you feel you are no longer able to control your consumption safely, we offer you the option to self-exclude. To self-exclude means to stop using our platform for a set time. Self-exclusion can be temporary or permanent. The minimum self-exclusion period is 6 months without any cancellation possibility before the period ends. You can self-exclude directly by contacting our Customer Support team by email clarifying that you want to self-exclude (no need to provide additional details). We will put in place additional checks to make sure that the self-exclusion is also applied in case of new account creation, to our best effort.

  • Time out

    The 'Time Out' option allows you to temporarily suspend the access to your Bloot24' account. You decide on the duration that suits you best between 1 and 30 days. During the selected period, you will no longer be able to access your account.